MomciergeLA is a baby-planning service offering registry help and nursery design — as well as product reviews, recall information, and service provider referrals — to parents expecting their first babies.

We provide this service because we could have used it ourselves.

When we were having our first babies:

  • Jessica had a panic attack on the floor of Babies R Us while registering for her son.
  • Sarah became obsessed over a crib she’d seen in Elle Decor. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t in production yet, and would arrive five months after her daughter did. She bought it anyway. That crib turned out to be harder to assemble than the crib she should have bought at Ikea. It fell apart quicker, too.

Six years, six kids (soon to be seven!), and infinite amounts of experience later, Jessica suggested to Sarah that they start a baby-planning business together, and MomciergeLA was born.



Jessica has been a party planning and promotional maven for as long as she can remember. Her event planning skills evolved when given creative control over her Bat Mitzvah. Later, she went on to major in Creative Writing & Advertising at the University of Miami, School of Communications.

Upon graduation, she followed her college sweetheart (now husband) westward to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making animated films. There, Jessica landed her first job as a Jr. Copywriter, but soon after Hollywood came a calling. She traded in research and copywriting for logistics as she began her event-planning career at The WB Television Network.

After years of working in event production both on the Network/studio circuit and at event production companies, Jessica landed a coveted position as Manager of Communications for Entertainment Tonight/The Insider. Her role was vast and complex, culling from her experience as both a PR expert and an event planner.

As it goes sometimes in the world of a busy mom, she gave up her desk job to raise her tiny ones. And, after logging thousands of freelance hours doing event, after event, after event…Jessica decided that she needed to take her passion for planning and for being a mom into the world. She wanted to help other moms, with everything she wished someone had told her before babies.



Once upon a time, Sarah Kate Levy wanted to be a novelist. Along the way, she published short stories and personal essays in lit mags and anthologies; wrote a few screenplays and TV specs; and worked as a freelance editor.

Sometime during all that, she started having babies. Four kids later, she writes about parenting, partnering, and how to create the perfect caffeine-fueled checklist systems for streamlining family life on her blog,  ChecklistMommy.com.

At MomciergeLA, Sarah is thrilled to be able to offer parents help getting organized for their new babies. Though Sarah is incredibly sure she is finished growing her own family, nesting has never lost its appeal.


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