Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Traveling with kids… I think we can all safely agree that before kids, even if you love kids, your heart  sank a little when the parents and the toddlers sat down in your row on the cross country flight. So of course, now as the parents of babies and toddlers, the anxiety begins before you eve... Read More

A Great Summer Bag! And a Giveaway

We’ve all seen a million things to do with a coffee filter on Pinterest, but ever think that beer filters would find life after hops? Our friends, and fellow moms, at Rewilder have the answer. They’re making  really great, recycled, handmade in LA, bags out of repurposed beer filters and... Read More

Top Sun and Sand Items for Fourth of July

If you’re going to hit the beach or pool this weekend…here are our Top 5 Fun in the Sun recommendations for you and baby! These favorites have been hand-picked to keep tushies clean, dry and protected from the sun! iPlay Swim diaper – This is the easiest, most snug-fitting re-usable swim diaper to b... Read More

Nanny vs Daycare

Our friends over at Nanny Track have written a great piece weighing the pros and cons of an age old question, for working parents. Which childcare provider is best for the family, nanny or daycare? It’s so difficult to imagine leaving your precious ones with anyone but you, Nanny Track allevia... Read More

Restaurant Recipe for Success

Once your baby starts eating solids, eating out can become a whole new nightmare…or it can become a fun way to engage your baby, spend time as a family or with friends, and introduce them to new foods and experiences. Below are some tips and tricks to make eating out with your little one enjoy... Read More

MomciergeLA helps shower Jaime Ray Newman
with FABULOUS products for Baby AND Mom!

Last week, we had the great honor of participating in Jaime Ray Newman’s  (Red Widow) baby shower for the daughter she is expecting with Guy Nattiv. We had a fabulous time putting together our gift basket for Jaime – because we knew we were giving her and her new baby truly exceptional items that th... Read More

loves the “Real Joy” Collection by CJ Free Jewelry
for MomciergeLA & The Pump Station!

We are thrilled to introduce “Real Joy” baby bracelets, a new line by  the fabulous CJ Free Jewelry in collaboration with MomciergeLA and The Pump Station. Jessica and I LOVE CJ Free’s ENTIRE line — their jewelry is all so chic and practical,we knew that our Mamas would be th... Read More

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower (or “Sprinkle”)

A shower (or “sprinkle”) for a third-time Mom isn’t entirely necessary unless you are having twins, a baby of a different sex from your other kids, or if you’re like me and got rid of all things baby only to find out you were pregnant again. Luckily for me, I have a sister who threw a fa... Read More

Sarah & Jessica are TOMORROW’S guests at Berlin Wellness Village!

We are thrilled to be this week’s guests at The Berlin Wellness Group’s weekly Wellness Village! Wellness Village Pregnancy Support Gatherings, led by Dr. Alyssa Berlin, are weekly meetings that offer advice and insights to expectant Moms. Guest speakers run the gamut from OBs and doulas... Read More

We’re doing a “WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING” 3 Book Giveaway!

When I was pregnant with my first, I did a LOT of homework. I read a LOT of childhood development books, I surfed a LOT of product review sites, I polled all of my friends for baby info … and it all started with me cracking open a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 4th Edition. This... Read More


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